Financial planning process

Learn about the financial planning process, from initial consultation through to preparing and implementing the financial plan, and conducting ongoing client reviews.

The sophistication behind a financial plan can often be underestimated and made more complex by the constantly shifting landscape. That’s why seeking professional advice is important. We offer tailored plans based on your current circumstances and life stage. Our fee-for-service means that the fees you pay are agreed in advance before any personal advice is given and you can be confident that there are no hidden fees.

Our financial advisers will take you through a six step process:

1. Complimentary consultation - Your initial consultation with us is complimentary and without obligation. During this meeting we will discuss your financial objectives, goals for the future and your expectations.

2. Setting your goals and gathering information - Once you have discussed your goals, the financial planner will ask you questions about your income, expenses, investments and superannuation. This information will assist your financial planner in understanding your personal circumstances.

3. Developing your plan - Now that we have the knowledge of your financial goals and objectives, risk profile and financial situation your Planner will apply their expertise in developing tailored recommendations.

4. Presenting the recommendations - You will meet with your adviser to discuss these recommendations and consider all the strategies. Once you feel comfortable with the advice and the information received, it is time to get going.

5. Implementing your plan - Your adviser will assist you in preparing the paperwork necessary to invest in the selected products, and then lodge them on your behalf with the appropriate organisations.

6. Reviewing your progress - You need to keep your financial plan under review to ensure that it remains appropriate to your changing circumstances and needs.

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